The Javelin Executive Jet (MK-10)

Single pilot operation in this aircraft is achievable because of the state-of-the-art avionics design which includes three 5" by 7" displays in both the front and rear seat of the cockpit. This suite consists of a PFD (Primary Flight Display), a datalink-enabled MFD (Multifunction Display) and an EICAS display (Engine Instrumentation and Crew Alerting System). In order to keep the pilot constantly aware of the aircraft's attitude the PFD attitude indication traverses the width of the PFD display. This aircraft is a two-seat tandem seating aircraft unlike other vljs like the Cessna Mustang, Eclipse 500, Adam A 700 or HondaJet.

The instrumentation features an integrated FMS (Flight Management System), VHF communication/navigation system, Mode S transponder and dual approach-certificated GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers combined with a high-reliability flight control system. Included are color weather radar, TCAS I (Traffic Collision Awareness System) and TAWS sensors (Terrain Avoidance Warning System) which is interfaced with the avinoics system.

To see a video of the first flight of the New ATG Javelin select First Flight of the New ATG Javelin from Centennial Airport on the bottom left hand side of the page. This flight followed a visit by the FAA officials overseeing the Javelin program on 4/05/2007.

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The driving concept behind the Javelin is to combine state-of-the-art glass instrumentation, safety features, and jet engines featuring wide-sweep fan technology into a two-place executive jet. With its high speed, maneuverability, and unprecedented performance coupled with the economy, reliability, and comfort of a light business jet the Javelin has no equal in general aviation.

Aircraft Design Highlights are:
  1. Two Williams FJ-33 turbojet engines
  2. Kelly Aerospace Thremo System Thermawing® for in-flight ice protection
  3. Simple hinged leading edge flaps and trailing edge flaps
  4. Manual reversion capability if hydraulics are lost
  5. Speedbrakes
  6. MECAPLEX canopy for strength and durability
  7. Composite fuselage and wing structures made of CFRP (Carbn Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
  8. 45,000 foot service ceiling
  9. 500 knots true airspeed
  10. 1,000 nautical mile IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) range
  11. +6g/-3g structural limitations
Pilots will receive comprehensive flight training in the aircraft of the highest quality initial and advanced training.

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